SNEAKYMOB is a a young, dynamic urban and trendy brand created by SKWAK and Tye CHEN

SKWAKFrench artist, internationally famous, has launched his firsts stores named SNEAKYMOB in Shanghai,Chengdu,Taichung and Tainan with his friend and partner Tye CHEN, a young local entrepeneur.  

From art to clothes, from France to Asia, SKWAK shares now his colorful and crazy visions of the world. 

SKWAK and Tye CHEN will join their efforts, skills and talents to create a young, dynamic urban and trendy brand. They will open stores in China's main cities and also develop a mobile-shop network with designed trucks. 

With SNEAKYMOB, SKWAK expresses all his talent to create unique and universal clothes collections.

Inside SNEAKYMOB's stores, designed by SKWAK, young hip and urban  people will find full collections of clothes (Men&Women), accessories like bracelets or phones's cases, artworks in limited edition.